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Glimpses of the Thames Festival.

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Impressions about our English friends' visit

Friday, May 29th, the British came in our school. I met my pen friend in the playground at 3.30 pm. We stayed to hours with them. They were divided into two groups. The first went with Mrs Létant and the second with Mrs Daugé. I was with Mrs Daugé. We had to draw our vision of London and the British had to draw their vision of Paris. On Sunday, we visited Montmartre but we were only twelve French. We took pictures of three monuments. Then we had lunch together. After lunch, the French left but I stayed with them and we sent to the Eiffel Tower. Me and my French friends waited for them because we didn’t want to go up the stairs. Then we went back home. That was a great experience but I noticed they were shy.

The English pupils ware cool because I spoke a lot English with a boy whose name was Joe. I didn’t speak to my correspondent. I also spoke to their teacher who looks like Lady Diana. It was funny because the English looked very English.

Our correspondents arrived in the afternoon. Romane, Noëmie and myself had written “Bienvenue les Anglais” with chalks on the ground in front of our school. When we saw our correspondents for the first time, they looked very shy. During the first hour, my class returned in the classroom for an art lesson and our correspondents went to different classes and we had three English in our art lesson. Then it was time for break. All the English remained together in the playground (I noticed that in this gathering they were a lot of fair haired boys).
At the end of the break, back to the classroom, Mrs Daugé and Mrs Létant explained our last activity: it was a drawing where we had to depict our vision of Paris for the English and London for the French and the best moments spent in our city.
When this activity was over Ruben, Oliver, Matt, Dan, Romane, Maria, Nathan, Noëmie, myself and other pupils to the Buttes Chaumont Park because we had invited some English for dinner in my garden.
During the dinner we had a really good time together. We were ten! At the end of the dinner, my mother drove them back to their youth hostel. She treated them to a tour of Paris by night! They reached Place de la Concorde at 11.00 pm precisely just to enjoy the Eiffel tower floodlighting!
On Sunday, we were twelve pupils of our school to join them by the underground. We met them again in Montmartre. We had to find three monuments in this area: a sculpture, a mill and the Montmartre’s vineyard. We had to take photos on our mobiles and cameras to prove we had found them. For lunch, we sat down on a sunny spot on the lawn to have our sandwich. As it was very warm, some of us bought an ice-cream. If we wanted we could stay with them the rest of the afternoon but only a few of us had the energy to do it, not myself.
The first meeting with this group has encouraged us to learn English better and better. Now, we sometimes continue to chat together on facebook or msn.

Rueben (my correspondent is very different from what I thought. He has frizzy hair, he is shy and he is a gentleman. We spoke on Msn he was rather sound and cool and his picture was funny. When we got together we spoke of our habits, of our tastes in music and of our life. We had to speak the languages but we only spoke English and realized that we were not very good at it. When we didn’t understand we mimed the words that we meant.
Reuben found this funny. All the other correspondents were nice too but they were too shy. Romane and myself found that Reuben is great. Honestly I did love this day.

The English students were very nice because they behaved very well. My penfriend was shy and quiet but I talked a lot with other penfriends. Our group drew its impressions about its country. In my group I was the only one who spoke a lot. I was in Mrs Létant’s group. At the end we played soccer with the English students in the playground. It was good and funny.

On Friday may 29th the English pen friends came in our school. They had lunch at school. We went to art and three English pupils went with us. They looked at what we were doing. At the beginning we had problem to understand each other but then a friend of mine explain in English and they understood. At the end of the lesson it was break time. All the French students were around them. At the end of the break, we were separated into groups and we had to make a work in art. It was a great afternoon. At 5.30 pm we left school and some English went with us we made them visit the district. Then we went dinner at Annabelle’s home. We spent a very good evening. I look forward to seeing them again in September.

It was a very good meeting. I like it because we learned a lot of things about our correspondents. The visit to the Sacré Coeur was very interesting because I spoke English all the time. I think the game was very rewarding because we had to communicate in English and in French and this was very difficult because sometimes we didn’t understand the person who wanted to give information.

I think that the English boys visited the best of Paris. They were my friends. I liked when we had lunch altogether. I hope that we will meet them again but next time in England. I’m sure that this visit has changed everybody.

I liked the Friday when we spent some time with the British students. It was interesting to work with them. The time went so fast. They didn’t speak a lot to us. They were shy. I talked a little bit with Joe Pettican. He is kind. Me and my pen friends were in group 2 with Mrs Daugé. We drew things about London and Paris. Then we went out to the playground, me and my friends talked about the British boys between us and we were sad that they didn’t join in our conversation. We watched the boys playing football. I think it is an unforgettable day but I was sad that I didn’t spend more time with them. I don’t know my pen friends because they didn’t speak with me a lot and they wanted to stay with their own British friends.

They arrived on a Friday afternoon and they left the following Monday. Some of them came in class with us and four of them had dinner at Annabelle’s with me and my friends. After that, we drove them through the city and brought them to the youth hostel. I liked being with the English because I met people with a different culture. They were very distant because they didn’t speak French a lot. They are friendly and I noticed that they didn’t wear their uniform.

First, on Friday afternoon they arrived. They went to different classes three by three. I had dinner with them: it was very cool. They were excited to be in Paris. On Sunday morning, we went to Montmartre and we visited the Basilique. We played a searching game.

On Friday, we welcomed our pen friends and met them. After being introduced the teachers separated into two groups. One group left the hall with the English teacher and each student went with his or her pen friend. Then, in my group, we went to the art classroom. We sat near our pen friends. We drew about our lives in London and Paris. This day was great because we spoke in English with our pen friends. Then we played soccer.

I was excited and glad to meet my correspondents. They had to speak French very well and draw. We were able to speak about drawings of Paris and London. They spoke French and we spoke Enlgsih. We talked especially about football. To me it was a rich exchange because it is the first time I meet pupils of my age coming from another country with who I was able to exchange.

When the British students came, they went into different classes for experience. After that, they came into our class and we were divided in two groups one group in Mrs Létant’s room and the second in Mrs Daugé’s room. I was in the group of Mr Daugé. In our group the British students talked a lot so I was lost in my group but fortunately they were French students to speak to me. I stayed near my pen friend but I didn’t talk with him a lot. We drew our life in France and what we imagined about England. Then we went outside, we talked and played soccer all together.

I liked the two days with our correspondents because it is new for me. But I have rather liked Sunday because we were outside the school. I didn’t speak a lot to him but with others. I like being in Montmartre and when we had to find the vineyard, the “passe-muraille” and the mill. Can you image the stress? But he was super kind and meanwhile we met our friends along the way. It is a pity that they didn’t stay longer: I really enjoyed myself.

I liked a lot this meeting in spite of the lack of contact. I was very surprised because the students are tall. I would have like a group activity to know them more. But I didn’t see them a lot. It was difficulties in finding my two correspondents because they were numerous. They were kind and helped me a lot to speak English. It is a pity I couldn’t visit Montmartre with them because I wasn’t in Paris.

I’ve been very excited to meet my correspondent. We’ve done two groups: one group with Mrs Létant and the second group with Mrs Daugé. Everybody had paper where we had to draw what there is in London and what’s in Paris for the English. In the playground boys played football with the English boys and we went home.
On Sunday, we went to Montmartre with our pen friends. It was funny and amusing. We had lunch and then we left home. I was very sad. My pen friends went to the Eiffel Tower.

It was a very great experience. The English boys are very nice. My correspondent and me have full with common points. We have almost the same tastes. We showed them Montmartre and it was a pleasant walk. It was sunny and we had fun.
We looked for some places. They don’t speak French very well. We had to visit shops. At lunchtime we sat on the lawn and talked about life. There was a little concert (not good music). And when they went back home to London we talked on the internet. It was a very great day.

Over two weeks ago, on May 29th, our pen-friends came to visit us. I was excited even if I knew mine didn’t. At 2.30pm we went in the art classroom to work on our little books. Three English students watched us. At break time we saw all the English students with half of the school gathered around them and talking to them. Then we went to the covered playground where Mrs Daugé told us in French what we were going to do while Mrs Scotland was translating in English for our correspondents. We were supposed to draw in the middle our vision of London and in the thumbnails around our daily life in Paris. We separated ourselves into two groups. One was in the art classroom and the other with Mrs Létant in her classroom. We drew for two hours and we talked together. At 5.20 pm, we came down in the playground where teachers wanted us to do a little quiz but we didn’t have time so we waited for the bell and we left while some were inviting some students for dinner. I don’t know if I could appreciate this experience because I didn’t talk a lot.

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Langley Park à Paris

Nous avons été très heureux de vous recevoir dans notre établissement. Nous espérons que vous avez passé un excellent séjour et que vous en conserverez de bons souvenirs. Nous avons hâte de vous retrouver en Septembre pour découvrir ensemble les oeuvres le long de la Tamise. Voici un diaporama de quelques moments passés ensemble.

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In The Times very soon!

We are proud of you! Congratulations!

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French poetry

Nous avons interprété quelques poèmes et chansons françaises dont le thème était Paris et la Seine. Les interprétations sont très personnelles et sont le fruit de notre imagination. Madame Péfourque notre professeur de français nous a aidés à choisir des textes pour ceux qui n'en avaient pas trouvé. Nous voici au travail. Bonne écoute nous espèrons que cela vous plaira.

Mme Péfourque, notre professeur de français. Vous la verrez pendant votre séjour!

kevin mamadou mj m...

La Seine a rencontré Paris
Qui est là
toujours là dans la ville
et qui pourtant sans cesse arrive
et qui pourtant sans cesse s'en va
C'est un fleuve répond un enfant
un devineur de devinettes.
Et puis l'œil brillant il ajoute
et le fleuve s'appelle la Seine
quand la ville s'appelle Paris
et la Seine c'est comme une personne
des fois elle court elle va très vite
elle presse le pas quand tombe le soir
des fois au printemps elle s'arrête et
vous regarde comme un miroir.
Et elle pleure si vous pleurez
ou sourit pour vous consoler
et toujours elle éclate de rire quand
arrive le soleil d'été...



Chanson de la Seine
La Seine a de la chance,
Elle n'a pas de soucis,
Elle se la coule douce,
Le jour comme la nuit,
Et elle sort de sa source
Tout doucement sans bruit,
Et sans se faire de mousse,
Sans sortir de son lit,
Elle s'en va vers la mer
En passant par Paris.

La Seine a de la chance,
Elle n'a pas de soucis,
Et quand elle se promène,
Tout le long de ses quais
Avec sa belle robe verte,
Et ses lumières dorées,
Notre-Dame jalouse,
Immobile et sévère
Du haut de toutes ses pierres
La regarde de travers.

Mais la Seine s'en balance,
Elle n'a pas de soucis,
Elle se la coule douce,
Le jour comme la nuit,
Et s'en va vers le Havre,
Et s'en va vers la mer
En passant comme un rêve
Au milieu des mystères,
Des misères de Paris.


Paul Eluard

Paul Eluard.mp3

Paul Eluard.mp3

Dans Paris

Dans Paris il y a une rue;
Dans cette rue il y a une maison;
Dans cette maison il y a un escalier;
Dans cet escalier il y a une chambre;
Dans cette chambre il y a une table;
Sur cette table il y a un tapis;
Sur ce tapis il y a une cage;

Dans cette cage il y a un nid;
Dans ce nid il y a un œuf,
Dans cet œuf il y a un oiseau.

L'oiseau renversa l'œuf;
L'œuf renversa le nid;
Le nid renversa la cage;
La cage renversa le tapis;
Le tapis renversa la table;
La table renversa la chambre;
La chambre renversa l'escalier;
L'escalier renversa la maison;
la maison renversa la rue;
la rue renversa la ville de Paris.

Guillaume Apollinaire

Mirabeau Leo, Ferd...

Mirabeau Leo, Ferd...

Le Pont Mirabeau

Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine
Et nos amours
Faut-il qu'il m'en souvienne
La joie venait toujours après la peine

Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure
Les jours s'en vont je demeure

Les mains dans les mains restons face à face
Tandis que sous
Le pont de nos bras passe
Des éternels regards l'onde si lasse

Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure
Les jours s'en vont je demeure

L'amour s'en va comme cette eau courante
L'amour s'en va
Comme la vie est lente
Et comme l'Espérance est violente

Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure
Les jours s'en vont je demeure

Passent les jours et passent les semaines
Ni temps passé
Ni les amours reviennent
Sous le pont Mirabeau coule la Seine

Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure
Les jours s'en vont je demeure


Robert Desnos
Mort au camp de concentration de Terezin en Tchécoslovaquie.
Le veilleur du Pont-au-Change.

Je suis le veilleur de la rue de Flandre,
Je veille tandis que dort Paris.
Vers le nord un incendie lointain rougeoie dans la nuit.
J'entends passer des avions au-dessus de la ville.

Je suis le veilleur du Point du Jour.
La Seine se love dans l'ombre, derrière la viaduc d'Auteil,
Sous vingt-trois ponts à travers Paris
Vers l'ouest j'entends des explosions.

Je suis le veilleur de la Poterne d es Peupliers.
Le vent du sud m'apporte une fumée âcre,
Des rumeurs incertaines et des râle
Qui se dissolvent, quelque part, dans Plaisance ou Vaugirard.
Au sud, au nord, à l'est, à l'ouest,
Ce ne sont que fracas de guerre convergeant vers Paris.

Je suis le veilleur de Pont-au-Change
Veillant au coeur de Paris, dans la rumeur grandissante
Où je reconnais les cauchemars paniques de l'ennemi,
Les cris de victoire de nos amis et ceux des Français,
Les cris de souffrance de nos frères torturés par les Allemands d'Hitler.

Je suis le veilleur du Pont-au -Change
Ne veillant pas eulement cette nuit sur Paris,
Cette nuit de tempête sur Paris seulement dans sa fièvre et sa fatigue,
Mais sur le monde entier qui nous environne et nous presse.
Dans l'air froid tous les fracas de la guerre
Cheminent jusqu'à ce lieu où, depuis si longtemps, vivent les hommes.
Des cris, des chants, des râles, des fracas il en vient de partout,
Victoire, douleur et mort ciel couleur de vin blanc et de thé,
Des quatre coins de l'horizon à travers les obstacles du globe,
Avec des parfums de vanille, de terre mouillée et de sang,
D'eau salée, de poudre et de bûchers,
De baisers d'une géante inconnue enfonçant à chaque pas dans la terre grasse de chair humaine.


Sous les Ponts de ...

Interprétation très libre.

Sous les ponts de Paris
Musique de Vincent Scotto

Paroles de Jean Rodor

Sous les ponts de Paris, lorsque descend la nuit
Toutes sortes de gueux se faufilent en cachette
Ils sont heureux de trouver une couchette
Hôtel du courant d'air où l'on ne paie pas cher
L'parfum et l'eau c'est pas cher mon marquis
Sous les ponts de Paris.

Pour aller à Suresnes ou bien à Charenton
Tout le long de la Seine on passe sous les ponts
Pendant le jour suivant son cours
Tout Paris en bateau défile
L'coeur plein d'entrain, ça va, ça vient,
Mais l'soir lorsque tout dort tranquille...

Sous les ponts de Paris, lorsque descend la nuit
Toutes sortes de gueux se faufilent en cachette
Ils sont heureux de trouver une couchette
Hôtel du courant d'air où l'on ne paie pas cher
L'parfum et l'eau c'est pas cher mon marquis
Sous les ponts de Paris.

À la sortie d'l'usine, Julot rencontre Nini
Ça va-t-y la rouquine, c'est la fête aujourd'hui
Prends ce bouquet, quelqu's brins d'muguet
C'est peu mais c'est toute ma fortune
Viens avec moi, j'connais l'endroit
Où l'on n'craint même pas l'clair de lune.

Sous les ponts de Paris, lorsque descend la nuit
Comme il n'a pas d'quoi s'payer une chambrette
Un couple heureux vient s'aimer en cachette
Et les yeux dans les yeux faisant des rêves bleus
Julot partage les baisers de Nini
Sous les ponts de Paris.

Rongée par la misère, chassée de son logis
L'on voit une pauvre mère avec ses trois petits
Sur leur chemin, sans feu ni pain,
Ils subiront leur sort atroce
Bientôt la nuit, la maman dit:
Enfin ils vont dormir mes gosses.

Sous les ponts de Paris, une mère et ses p'tits
Viennent dormir, là, tout près de la Seine
Dans leur sommeil ils oublieront leur peine
Si l'on aidait un peu tous les vrais miséreux
Plus de suicides ni de crimes dans la nuit
Sous les ponts de Paris.

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Lovely cards from our English friends.

In case you want to take your time and read all the cards...